Reminder: Making Fatphobic Jokes Makes You an Asshole, Even if the Fat Person in Question is an Asshole

02/20/2012 12:54 PM |

There are so many valid reasons to hate me.

  • There are so many valid reasons to hate me.

For example, just because Chris Christie vetoed his state’s gay marriage bill doesn’t mean everyone suddenly gets a pass on making fat jokes. And yes, there is a difference between pointing out that someone is fat (which Chris Christie undeniably is) and being like MAYBE HE ATE IT HA HA!!!

I know, so unfair. There is literally nothing else about Chris Christie that is horrible and worth talking about. And it is a scientific fact that fat people get that way by being gross eating machines. It totally sucks that if you want to be treated with basic human respect by people who think you are wrong and a monster, you have to do the same to them. Life is hard, I guess.

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