The 8 Weirdest Things You Can Buy at the MTA Store

02/22/2012 8:57 AM |

You can buy a lot of stuff from the New York Transit Museum store, and a lot of it makes sense: old tokens, maps and posters, Christmas ornaments with the color and letter or number of your favorite subway line. But some of it is just weird.


1. Subway Map Kayak
Want to let everyone at the Superfund site know your favorite urban mass-transit system? It’ll only cost you $1400, plus shipping.


2. “If You See Something…” t-shirt
You know, if you want to do your part to keep the city safe.


3. G Train birth notice
Because we waited forever for her to be born.


4. Chocolate Metrocard
Happy Easter!


5. Subway Hot Sauce
I just don’t see how these two things go together.


6. Subway Map Flip Flops
I dunno, these are just kind of weird. Also, no one would see the subway maps if you were wearing them.


7. Lawrence Street M Train Notecard
Well, this is just funny, because Lawrence Street is no longer a stop, and the M train doesn’t go that way anymore. Own a piece of history!


8. Metrocard Tote Bag
Can you imagine the head-exploding metaness of taking a Metrocard out of your Metrocard tote bag at the turnstile? Also, who likes Metrocards this much?