The Brooklyn Bar Awards

02/29/2012 7:00 AM |

Best Spirits:

Noorman’s Kil
(609 Grand St, Williamsburg)
The selection here encompasses close to 300 whiskies, from new-crafts-movement small-batch local stuff to enough imported Scotch to have your dad’s weekly tasting club murmuring “peaty” for months. Soak it all up with a grilled cheese sandwich, if you must.(Photos Cody Swanson)

Runner Up: The Shanty
(79 Richardson St, Williamsburg)
The New York Distilling Company’s bar offers two of their distinct gins alongside an expertly selected and mixed collection of booze; by this time next year the Shanty hopes to be pouring their own rye as well. (Photo Cody Swanson)

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