The Brooklyn Bar Awards

02/29/2012 7:00 AM |

Best Free Drunk Snacks:

Fourth Avenue Pub

(76 Fourth Ave, Boerum Hill)
We break our vegan vows at least once a week after we’ve had a few too many here: we grab a plastic tray, cover it with wax paper, and dump in shovelfuls of warm, buttery popcorn from the movie theater-style popcorn machine—then we shovel it up into our mouths in sloppy, embarrassing handfuls, and stumble back for more. Sorry to anyone who’s ever had to watch us do this; to the staff; and to the cows whose milk went into the butter.

Runner Up: Alligator Lounge
(600 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg)
1. Buy a beer. 2. Receive ticket. 3. Pick your way past frat boys singing along to “Living on a Prayer” as it plays from the digital jukebox. 4. Arrive at pizza oven in back of bar, where several eternally patient and humble kitchen drones constantly removing plate-sized cheese pizzas from oven. 6. Hand over ticket. 7. Receive pizza. 8. Repeat.

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