The Brooklyn Bar Awards

02/29/2012 7:00 AM |

Best Quiz Night:

Rocky O’Sullivan’s

(34 Van Dyke St, Red Hook)
Theme nights, music rounds and picture rounds have turned Thursday nights at Rocky’s into a Red Hook institution. After each round comes a solo question—trivia fanatics fight their answer to the front in hopes of a free pint, a mix CD of the music round and various other random prizes (we’ve gone home with a way-too-small Stephen Colbert shirt). The winning team gets a round of drinks.

Runner Up: The Sackett
(661 Sackett St, Gowanus)
Trivia aficionado Quizmaster Dave Scher leads a well-planned evening of general knowledge trivia, which occasionally means spelling Iceland’s Eyjafjallaj√∂kull volcano. Current events are definitely a focus, so pick up a Times on the way over and vie for a free bar tab.

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