The Brooklyn Bar Awards

02/29/2012 7:00 AM |

Best Bar to Bring a Book:

Harefield Road
(769 Metropolitan Ave, East Williamsburg)
With a wide selection of beers, and comparably great nibbles, you’ve reason aplenty to drink here. And the lighting, layout and seating are just ample enough to bar down or nook up with a buzz and a book. Until someone lures you into conversing, perhaps. And we all know where conversations about books can go. Sometimes. Choose titles accordingly if that’s your angle.(Photos by Guang Xu)

Runner Up: Three Jolly Pigeons
(6802 Third Ave, Bay Ridge)

As long as it’s not karaoke night (approach Fridays with caution), you can often find us in this local, plowing our way through some thin volume of buzzy contemporary lit. The well whiskey is super cheap, the lighting low but not punishingly dim, and the mood laid-back—it’s as easy to join a conversation as it is to be left alone. (There might be some classic rock on in the background, but you’ve learned how to filter out classic rock, haven’t you?) Even though some Bay Ridge smart aleck in the recent “Shit People from Brooklyn Say” said that only hipsters read books in bars—he was in front of Kettle Black, which is safely on the other end of town—no one here has ever even cocked a brow in our direction for burying our nose in the pages of some book.

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