There Will be a Skating Rink at McCarren Park Pool! (Plus 5 Possible Names for the North Brooklyn Hockey Team)

02/14/2012 2:58 PM |

Next winter?

  • Next winter?

Beautiful McCarren Park Pool, once the site of awesome concerts and similarly excellent outdoor movies—and, before that, a scary filming location, and before that an actual public pool—will soon be a pool again and, in the winter, a skating rink! Brooklyn 11211 reports that the city has issued a request for proposals for someone to operate “a seasonal ice rink at McCarren Park Pool.” So, what should we call the now-inevitable North Brooklyn hockey team?

The North Brooklyn Wild Dogs: In reference to the packs of wild dogs that roamed the area just a couple of decades ago. (Or the pretty dogs filling the nearby dog runs, if you prefer.)

The North Brooklyn Hard Hats: In celebration both of the neighborhood’s blue-collar past and condo construction site present. They would have to wear modified hard hats instead of conventional hockey helmets, of course.

The North Brooklyn Turkeys: Not in reference to the honorable bird that Ben Franklin wanted so badly to make our national bird, but rather to acknowledge unofficial team sponsor The Turkey’s Nest, whose Styrofoam cups full of margaritas will be keeping most if not all of the North Brooklyn Turkeys’ fans warm during games.

The North Brooklyn Rooftop Coop-Kept, Grain-Fed, Oberlin-Educated Roosters: This would be a complicated logo, but I’m pretty sure one of North Brooklyn’s countless under-employed graphic designers could come up with something catchy.

The North Brooklyn Dolphins: Remember that time there was a dolphin in Newtown Creek? Well, it developed legs and arms from the toxic, mutation-provoking sludge, and has gone on to have a successful career in the Canadian minor leagues. I bet if we named the team after him he’d come play for North Brooklyn.

Bonus: The North Brooklyn Hipsters, because of course.


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