This Super is Worse Than Your Super Because He Has Sex With Dogs

02/21/2012 12:43 PM |


  • Noooooooo!

So much worse than never fixing the hot water. Yuck, ick.

The superintendent of an apartment complex in Rye has a week to vacate after a tenant caught him on film sodomizing their pet dog. Kujtim Nicaj, who is a married father of two and is known as “Tim” to tenants, was arrested on February 9 for burglary and sexual misconduct.

Also, Gothamist shares this terrifying statistic:

It’s tough to pinpoint how prevalent bestiality (or its kinder, consensual-based cousin zoophilia) are in society, but comparative studies of 100 students conducted in 1974 at the University of Northern Iowa found that 11% of college students engaged in sexual conduct with an animal.

Maybe we should give kids a fleshlight when they get sex ed, just so they don’t fuck any animals.