This Week on 2 Broke Girls: Blah Blah Hitler, Insert Racist Punchline Here

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02/14/2012 1:18 PM |


No time for feudin’ and fussin’ in the intro this week — let’s get down to the 2 Broke Girls hatin’.

#5. “I think I might get a late Valentine’s dinner crowd.”

“You also think you might get a late growth-spurt, but that’s not happening, either.”

When Michael Patrick King had his very public temper tantrum at the TCAs, he said that an upcoming episode of 2 Broke Girls would further flesh out the show’s supporting characters, including diminutive diner owner Han. This was that episode, and this was the result.

#4. “This place isn’t When Harry Met Sally, it’s When Harry Met Salmonella.”

When Harry Met Salmonella is good, but City Slickers III: The Legend of Curly Fries’ Gold: The Plate That Killed Daniel Stern’s Character: Who Was Named Mitch is BETTER.

#3. “I wish we had black people in Poland when I was growing up.”

“Too bad, we really would have enjoyed segregation and Hitler.”

Happy Black History Month, everyone!

#2. “I’m off to buy scratchers before the Puerto Ricans get them.”

There was no set-up or reasoning behind this joke — one minute Jennifer Coolidge was there, explaining that she needs to buy lottery tickets before the Puerto Ricans do, and the next she’s gone. But don’t get her started on the Mexicans and raffles!

#1. “Oh, you can not get me to come.”

“Oh, I can get you to come.”

“No, I can no longer come anymore. But Max and Caroline can come.”

“No, no, no, we’re not coming.”

“So no one can get you to come?”

“Some people can get me to come. Just not you.”

“Hard to get. I like it.”

Mamet-esque stuff right there. Y’know, Arsenio Mamet, David’s lesser known younger brother who’s also a playwright.