Today in Dumb Crap for People to be “Offended” By: Adele Gives the Finger at the Brit Awards

02/22/2012 9:57 AM |

At the Brit Awards last night, Adele had her acceptance speech cut short by some weird little man who needed desperately to introduce a performance by 90s nostalgia act Blur, and she quite reasonably seemed surprised and annoyed, then said, with far greater composure than many of us would’ve been able to muster, “Can I just say, then, goodbye, and I’ll see you next time around,” before giving the finger to the show’s producers somewhere off in the distance. But you guys, don’t worry! She has come to her senses and apologized for her horrible crime against all that is decent in the world! (Be careful when you follow that link—there are photos of other celebrities giving the finger, and so the Huffington Post has deemed the page NSFW. Everything is sad and terrible and stupid and I want to go back to sleep.)

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