Top 10 Restaurants that Should Open Brooklyn Branches

02/01/2012 4:00 AM |

6) Tamale House
I’ve been wishing for Austin-style breakfast tacos for years, and now Jeff Bailey, a member of the band Phosphorescent, is serving them at his new coffee bar, Whirlybird ( The deluxe breakfast taco there is called the Waldorf, named after the head of Phosphorescent’s record label (and my old friend), Phil Waldorf. Phil argues that there’s still room for Austin’s classic breakfast taco and migas joint, Tamale House, here in Brooklyn: “My favorite breakfast tacos (at 85 cents a pop). And the vibe is pretty hilarious too, as there’s a sort of Soup Nazi feeling about it (don’t ask for substitutions, or really any questions at all, and you better know what you want at the front of the line). Tamale House would really stand out in NY as something special and unique.”

Photo by Paul Joseph