Workday Brunch: Baked Eggs at 61 Local

02/21/2012 9:50 AM |


When you’re getting a comfortably late start on your work-from-home day and could go for some eggs with your coffee and free wifi, head on down to 61 Local. It’s not news that coffee and baked goods are on offer as early as 7am on weekdays, but when 11am rolls around, they now start serving their signature sandwiches and a brand new breakfast dish. As local eggs are baked in a ramekin with salty, crispy ham, goat cheese and chopped green onions ($11), the dish’s enticing aroma wafts through the entire loft-life space. Buttered toast and greens in a sweet and zingy vinaigrette round out the dish. For an extra buck, ditch the greens and get a side of cinnamon toast.