100 New Ways to Look at Your Insanely Boring Walk to the Subway

03/27/2012 2:42 PM |


New Yorkers spend a hell of a lot of time blocking out our surroundings. As soon as we step out of the comfort of our tiny abodes, we plug in our earbuds, rush to the subway, where we pretend to sleep to avoid awkward eye contact with fellow passengers. One Williamsburg photographer is doing the exact opposite.

With 100 Ways to See… A Street , 33-year-old Kennie Ting searches for a fresh perspective on his typical route to the subway. Limiting himself to a 15 block course along Wythe Avenue from Broadway to North 8th Street, Ting has taken dozens of photos since starting the project in January, separated into a variety of categories such as tragic, posters, and menagerie.

Splitting a large part of his time between New York and studying in London, Ting decided to take advantage of being in one place for an extended amount of time by delving into his surroundings.

“I’m very fascinated by the every day. I was wondering how such a simple thing like a street is really not simple at all. It’s full of little things and ugly things and surprise. Part of it was me trying to breakdown the street into little parts and see tiny aspects of the street that you don’t really notice and the second part of it is that I’m completely foreign and to me it was my way of trying to familiarize myself with my immediate environment,” he says. “The city is really overwhelming at a microscopic level, on one street you can find so much.”