20 Musician ‘Collage’ Project Premieres First Video, Miraculously Avoids Sounding Like Girl Talk

03/14/2012 8:59 AM |

Dancefloor Diplomacy began in 2007 as the brainchild of two best friends from grade school, KJ Rothweiler and Jakob Dorof, who decided to pursue an idea they called “collage music,” or, what most of us might recognize as mash-ups. Only, Rothweiler and Dorof didn’t want computers and samples to do the work for them. Today, the project relies on 20 live musicians in compositions pulled from bars of recorded music—their first music video, a little over eight minutes long, plays like a series of classical movements extracted from 38 existing songs.

“We Are Ready,” directed by Theo Anthony (who’s also done videos for Wiseblood and Best Coast), premiered at the Lower East Side’s Anthology Film Archives last Saturday night. The song is an impressive musical narrative that borrows from Aphex Twin to Joanna Newsom and much in between, but also stands on its own as something unique and highly likeable. The visuals similarly run the gamut in theme—tracking everything from a fleet of suburban kids on bikes to a Viking look-a-like attacking a woodpile with fire. Though a “mash-up” might connote a low, haphazard stringing together of samples (especially now that Girl Talk’s novelty has worn off), Dancefloor’s care and craft oddly place them in almost total opposition to that idea. Much like the Kony 2012 video, you kind of just have to watch and listen to understand. Enjoy.

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  • Cool vid, but why would this ever be compared to Kony 2012? Hipsters? Well-produced? Patronizing? I will give someone a nickel if they can explain this one to me…

  • i think it was just a timely, tongue in cheek joke.

    great song, i really like this idea…

  • @Nice Wasn’t meant to be patronizing or demeaning in the slightest. Here: It’s probably difficult to “get” the Kony controversy if you don’t watch the video, as it’s difficult to “get” what separates Dancefloor from your average mash-up if you don’t listen. Keep the nickel.

  • Sydney, thanks for the explanation.