4 Ways To Combat the GOP’s War On Women

03/21/2012 11:08 AM |


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Not going to lie—things felt bleak after compiling that list of the 10 most ridiculous things old white men are proposing about women and vaginas. Having sorted through an even larger pile of anti-woman idiocy pending in a number of states in order to finalize that list, comments like “slit my wrists” from you, dear readers, put us over the edge. But there is a positive (sort of) to all this nonsense, and it’s the fact that people are taking on innovative ways to voice their dissent. Here’s a look at a few.

1) Facebook Menstrual Information Overload


Last week, “wall bombing” or “sarcasm bombing” was the latest social media trend to grace the pages of congresspeople trying to roll back women’s rights. Just describe your latest menstrual cycle or female health issue in gratuitous detail on an offending congressperson’s Facebook wall. It’s easy—and cathartic. Check out these samples, courtesy of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s internet presence, for inspiration:



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