Arts in Bushwick is All Abuzz

03/26/2012 9:01 AM |


It is all about art. It is all about music. It’s about collaboratively creative endeavors of all sorts.

And it’s all about to get underway.

Bushwick Open Studios 2012.

This Wednesday the 28th, it’s a Bacchus-backed occasion to mingle, FYI.

If you’re an artist or musician living or working in Bushwick, or if you’re further flung but want to find out how you can get involved in what this magazine has hailed several times as the best New York City art event of the year, you should plan to attend Arts in Bushwick’s mixer this week at Bodega Wine Bar, near the Jefferson L stop at 24 St. Nicholas Ave, at 8:30pm.

Art and music is a short list. There are scores of other ways to participate in BOS, as it’s very open in that sense, too. All sorts of creative practices get into the mix. What’s more, if you want to earn some organizational or technical or practical stripes, there are just as many ways to play a role in the production process. Volunteer opportunities are abundant, and those who assume some duties are crucial to the event’s success, which means that everyone involved will love you forever and ever if you elect to help out.

So go have a glass. Go make some friends. Figure out how you and what you do might fit in.

Information and images from BOS 2011 are here for your preparatory review. Artist registration begins on April 1st (the day of my alter-patron saint!) and will likely be announced via Facebook here.

On a different note, Bodega also has really great beers.

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