Brooklynites Tip Taxis the Most

03/28/2012 3:10 PM |


There was a moment in In the Footprint, the musical about Atlantic Yards, when a character reminisced about a time when you couldn’t get a taxi to take you to Prospect Heights—you had to say you were going to Park Slope or something, then ask the driver to keep going down Atlantic at the last minute. (Often they’d refuse.) Nowadays? Prospect Heights residents are the highest tippers in the city on Saturday nights, the Post reports. In fact, on Saturday nights eight of the top ten neighborhoods in the city for tips are in Brooklyn, a study by the Taxi and Limousine Commission reveals. The average New York cabbie gets an 18.6 percent tip on a Saturday night fare, but those ferrying passengers to Prospect Heights got an average of 21 percent. Greenpoint was second with 20.3 percent; Park Slope followed at 19.9, then Fort Greene at 19.8, then Carroll Gardens-Red Hook with 19.7.

According to the Post, “promising cabbies fat gratuities for driving outside of Manhattan is a Brooklyn tradition right up there with Coney Island hot dogs and stickball.” That, and getting into the cab and putting on your seat belt before the driver can say he doesn’t go to Brooklyn.

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