Do Rich People Tip Better?

03/14/2012 4:00 AM |

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People tip about the same. Most everyone uses the credit card machine, and the easy thing to do with that is choose whether you want to tip 15, 20 or 25 percent. Most tip 20 percent because they think 15 makes them cheap. If someone pays cash they won’t tip as well, especially if the fare is something like $19. They’ll just give you a $20 and tell you to keep the change.

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I’m pretty sure rich people are the only people who take cabs. Rich people and tourists. Some of these guys make so much money that they don’t think anything of just throwing you whatever, a $20 or something. The tourists are a little cheaper, but if you’re nice and joke around with them they’ll tip well. Sometimes you need to act a little crazy because tourists want a good experience. If I tease them about being white, they tip well because they want to go home and tell their friends they met a friendly black guy.

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I don’t know how rich everyone is, but the people I think are rich—who wear expensive clothes or get picked up near Wall Street or get taken to luxury buildings—never tip as much as I think they will. Generally it is better to take a lot of people short distances for tips; if someone has to pay a lot of money for a long trip, they won’t want to give you a lot more than that.

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I only get really good tips on special occasions—around holidays, or if the person is celebrating something. Guys on first dates tip well if they’re going home with the girl. I don’t know if rich people tip better. They should, but I don’t know that their having money is enough for them to give you something extra. Once I got a couple of hundred extra because I took a guy to several stops and had to wait a while each time.