Has Southern Brooklyn Gone Republican?

03/20/2012 3:20 PM |


Today’s the day that contenders duke it out for the 27th senate district—the old seat of disgraced state senator Carl Kruger, who represented southern Brooklyn neighborhoods like Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay; almost a year ago today, he turned himself in to federal authorities, who were investigating him for bribery. He finally pleaded guilty in December, just after resigning his office.

His seat is now sought by City Councilmember Lew Fidler and Republican attorney David Storobin. Their fight hasn’t been as epic as southern Brooklyn’s last special election, the one to replace Anthony Weiner, which pitted David Weprin against Bob Turner, but it has had its moments, as in January when Fidler accused Storobin of having connections to white supremacists.

“According to Fidler, this race is bigger than the two candidates,” Sheepshead Bites reported in January. “It’s a race to disprove the increasingly dominant narrative that Southern Brooklyn is beginning to slide Republican—the oft-mentioned explanation for Republican Bob Turner’s Congressional win in last year’s special election to replace Anthony Weiner.”

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