Jeff Koons Could Run ‘Train’ On The High Line…If Someone Pays $25 Million For It

03/27/2012 1:05 PM |


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The completion of one of New York City’s most romantic destinations could see an element of danger added to the experience—Friends of the High Line, the conservancy group responsible for the elevated park, is in talks with Jeff Koons over possibly suspending “Train,” a replica of a 1943 steam locomotive by crane over the High Line.

The several-ton object, though stabilized by a gyroscope, wouldn’t just hang there. “It would also occasionally spin its wheels, blow a horn and emit steam,” reports the New York Times. One rendering shows the 70-foot long “Train” suspended at 10th Avenue and 30th Street.

“Like any Jeff Koons work, it is strikingly simple, ingenious and probably one of the most amazing things you’ll ever see,” said Mr. Eccles, who is executive director of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College.

“It’s like picking up a dog by its tail, with the legs still running,” he added. “In some ways, it’s suspended between the past and the future. Were one to commission a site-specific work for the High Line, you probably couldn’t have come up with a better piece.” [NYTimes]

The main challenge, however, is finding the money to install it—an estimated $25 million. Art Info’s (and The L‘s former arts editor) Ben Sutton points out that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art tried to bring “Train” cross-country, but then failed for lack of funding. Well, hey, isn’t that what Kickstarter’s for? Maybe whoever donates the total sum can sit in the conductor’s seat. (Richard Branson, we’re looking at you.)

[via City Room]

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