Photos: Miss LEZ Pageant Vajazzles The Knitting Factory

03/20/2012 8:59 AM |

Chocha Libre!

Sunday night, The Knitting Factory took a break from its usual programming to host the annual, radical, queer beauty extravaganza known as The Miss LEZ Pageant. “I haven’t seen so much poon since I was born—and some of them even shaved,” wrote the Voice‘s Mikey Musto, judge of this year’s performances. Six contestants were drawn “from thousands of Twitter nominations,” and went on to display their skill in the following: Platform, Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Interview and Talent.

Of course, Miss LEZ isn’t your typical pageant, the goal being to turn traditional pageantry on its head and instead celebrate all the wonderful things that lie queerly outside the bounds of normalcy, thrusting them crotch-first and au naturel into the audience while shouting, “Chocha Libré!” as this year’s winning, Mexican wrestler-themed act did. Fortunately, L photographer Bex Wade was in the front row to capture the contestants in all their glory—Mary Wanna, “Miss Choice Cunts” Rebecca Macabre, Brown Meshugana, Bambi Galore, Lea Robinson, and, of course, the Chocha herself. Check out the bedazzling, vajazzling photo gallery here.

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