Senator Chuck Schumer Caught Handlebar-Handed On The Prospect Park West Bike Lane

03/19/2012 4:10 PM |

That helmet doesnt hide a thing.

  • That helmet doesn’t hide a thing.

Does his wife and daughter know he was out riding on that lane? New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer was caught riding his bike on the very recently contested Prospect Park West Bike lane this past Sunday by Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives. Historically, Schumer has remained silent on the issue of the lane (though he has been accused of lobbying against it, behind the scenes), while his wife, former transportation commissioner Iris Weinshall, and daughter, Jessica Schumer, have actively opposed it.

Last year, following “the never-ending debate, the ridiculous lawsuit, the disputed data and the conflicting polls,” the Prospect Park West bike lane was finally approved by Community Board 6 and the lawsuit dismissed.

By the looks of Schumer’s smile, that bike lane ain’t so bad after all.

“And as I was taking the photograph he looked at me and smiled and said, I ride all the time,” White told Transportation Nation.

[via WNYC, Transportation Nation]

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