Still Going Strong: Five More 90s Band Reunions We’d Like to See

03/12/2012 12:23 PM |

2. Elastica (1992 – 2001, listen on Spotify)
No matter how many NME and Melody Maker covers their peers got Over There, Elastica were one of few UK acts to make a dent in American in the grunge-fueled early-’90s. Everyone loves the Wire-sampling “Connection,” one of the ’90s greatest singles and Justine Frischmann was the epitome of cool. While Elastica’s 1995 debut is filled with great songs (“Stutter,” “Line Up,” “Vaseline”), more than half the record was previously released singles and b-sides which perhaps foreshadowed the difficulty writing its forgettable follow-up which finally saw the light of day in 2000, by which time the band had suffered myriad line-up changes. Elastica broke up a year later.

Could it happen?: Highly unlikely. The members are scattered to the forewinds and Frischmann (who co-wrote some of MIA’s first album) seems like the Don’t Look Back type and is an established visual artist.

We’d also welcome back:†Sleeper, Catatonia, Kenickie, and fellow Wire homage specialists Menswe@r.