Still Going Strong: Five More 90s Band Reunions We’d Like to See

03/12/2012 12:23 PM |

3. Velocity Girl (1989 – 1996, listen on Spotify)
Taking their name from a Primal Scream b-side and formed from remnants of Washington DC’s fertile indie scene (Black Tamborine, High Back Chairs),†Velocity Girl took sugary melodies and poured layers of distortion and feedback overtop. After a few line-up changes and singles (like “My Forgotten Favorite” which found its way onto the Clueless soundtrack) on seminal indie labels Slumberland and Simple Machines, the band signed with Sub Pop which seemed crazy at the time. Pop music on grungy Sub Pop? Yet, for years 1993’s Copacetic was the label’s #2 Best Seller. (Bleach was #1.) Velocity Girl got decidedly less noisy for 1994’s °Simpatico! but was no less appealing, with “Sorry Again” and “I Can’t Stop Smiling” getting some commercial alt-rock radio play too. The band’s third album Gilded Stars And Zealous Hearts came out in 1996 and the band broke up shortly thereafter.

Could it happen?: It’s possible. Velocity Girl got back together in 2002 for a benefit for original vocalist (and Unrest/Air Miami bassist) Bridget Cross in 2002, so there is precedent. Singer/guitarist Archie Moore was also in Black Tambourine who are playing the chickfactor fest in May, so…

We’d also welcome back:†Air Miami, Number One Cup, Butterglory, The Dambuilders.