Still Going Strong: Five More 90s Band Reunions We’d Like to See

03/12/2012 12:23 PM |

4. Belly (1991 – 1996, listen on Spotify)
After playing second fiddle to Kristen Hersh in Throwing Muses and Kim Deal in The Breeders, Tanya Donelly formed Belly in 1991 Tanya’s contributions to Throwing Muses were always the most immediate songs on their records, but it was still a surprise just how poppy Belly’s terrific 1993 debut, Star, was. “Feed the Tree” went to #1 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart and even cracked (just barely) the Hot 100. Belly’s second album, King, came out in 1996. It had some great songs — “Superconnected” and “Now They’ll Sleep” — but the production by big-time knob-twiddler Glyn Johns (Who’s Next, Sticky Fingers erradicated Donnelly’s quirkier side. She disbanded Belly shortly thereafter (there’s a trend here, no?) and has released three solo albums since.

Could it happen?: While she still writes music and sings, Donelly is now a postpartum doula and lactation consultant. But as she still performs Belly songs when she does play the occasional live show (like Joe’s Pub last October) this one seems within the realms of possibility.

We’d also welcome back: Madder Rose, one of NYC’s most overlooked bands.