Still Going Strong: Five More 90s Band Reunions We’d Like to See

03/12/2012 12:23 PM |

5. The Wannadies (1988 – 2003ish, listen on Spotify)
Best known for their eubeulent 1994 single “You and Me Song” which most Americans heard on the William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, these powerpopping Swedes should’ve been huge. Big hooks. Bigger choruses. Unfortunately almost none of their albums saw American release. 1994’s Be A Girl and 1997’s Bagsy Me, both terrific, got crunched down into one album that RCA snuck out in 1998. The label then hired Ric Ocasek to produce their next album, Yeah! (also very good) with American rock radio in mind, and then didn’t release it in the States. The band’s final album, Before & After, came out in 2002 via the Swede-friendly American indie Hidden Agenda and was another winner but went mostly unnoticed outside of indiepop circles. The Wannadies claimed to be making another record, but officially called it quits in 2009 after years of inactivity.

Could it happen?: Seeing how they spent most of the internet-friendly ’00s not doing anything, the break-up might still be too fresh. Frontman/songwriter P‰r Wiksten is working on his solo debut when not writing songs for Amanda Jenssen, who placed second in the 2007 season of Swedish Idol.

We’d also welcome back: the just as great but even more obscure Eggstone, not to mention Komeda and Girlfriendo.