The Daily Show On Park Slope Co-op Controversy: ‘Fuck It, I’m Going To Stop & Shop’

03/28/2012 11:25 AM |


While career journalists citywide were plotting ways to make it inside the press-verboten Park Slope Co-op meeting over the store’s potential ban of Israeli products (one clever writer temporarily joined the co-op for this very purpose), the Daily Show sent correspondent Samantha Bee to investigate the controversy ahead of time. There, Bee used her usual incisive and irreverent comedy to highlight some ridiculous aspects of the situation—entering the store, I.D. out and palms up, Bee announced, “I’m an American. I’m an American,” and later, upon spotting a woman with a BabyBjorn, Bee fearfully asked “What’s that strapped to her chest?” At the end of the segment, after interviewing pro-boycott and anti-boycott co-op members alike, Bee gives us a sober conclusion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of this grocery store’s contentious activism: “Fuck it, I’m going to Stop & Shop,” she says. Watch the whole segment after the jump.