The Great GoogaWhoopsy

03/19/2012 3:10 PM |


I went out of town and off-line at the end of last week, so before I left I asked former L Mag editor Ben Sutton to score some of the free tickets for the upcoming Prospect Park music, food and drink festival, The Great GoogaMooga, which were made available on Thursday at noon. “Ticket-getting fail,” he emailed me later that afternoon. “I clicked on the link to get tickets at 12:02 and was put in the virtual waiting line for tickets. After being in line for an hour and a half, I was informed that there were no tickets left.”

This was pretty typical: Fucked in Park Slope reports an almost identical experience, as do its commenters.

The event’s website suffered technical problems thanks to overwhelming demand, the Brooklyn Paper reports today. More slots are expected to open up before the May weekend event, though it’s unclear how many. Organizers have been in damage-control, reaching out apologetically to local media and offering tickets to locals irate enough to contact the promoters directly.

But the point, obviously, is that Ben fucked up. Thanks a lot, Ben.

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  • Same thing happened to me. They claim they’re giving away tickets to the first 10,000 people. Each person will get a pass to bring guests. Instead I’m in the waiting line for two hours, then told the tickets are gone.

    I can’t think of a clearer way of someone saying, “Hey, this event is REALLY going to suck.”