Tom Scharpling’s Monster Magnet Interview Is the Best Thing You Will Hear Today

03/20/2012 2:35 PM |


Has everyone been listening to Low Times, the music interview podcast with regular contributions from The Best Show on WFMU‘s Tom Scharpling? Because it’s tremendous. Previous editions have focused on expected indie titans like Dean Wareham, Lou Barlow, or Unrest’s Mark Robinson, but perhaps the finest hour and a half the project has yet produced is the one posted yesterday, featuring Scharpling’s long kitchen-table chat with Dave Wyndorf, lead singer of New Jersey scuzz-rockers Monster Magnet. Even if the band does nothing for you now, or did nothing for you in their 90s heyday, the conversation is well worth a download. A total rock lifer present at the nexus of many different trends, Wyndorf reminisces about being in the Legs McNeil-managed, military garbed band of teenage idiots, Schrapnel, getting career advice at age 17 in Gene Simmons’ limo, playing a 1978 gig at Norman Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights loft (attended by Woody Allen!) in which Mailer attempted to teach them “how to eat cheesecake and fuck” before kicking some serious heavy-metal ass, being reinspired by the late 80s birth of grunge and alternative, getting Monster Magnet’s first gig opening for Jane’s Addiction and naming themselves after a Wham-O! toy on the car-ride to the show, and eventually scaling the heights of major label success before crawling the depths of pill addiction. And so much more, including this withering appraisal of hardcore punk: “Too male. Guys playing music for guys? You can have that.” (The most emphatic cosign possible to that one!) You are a supremely likable goof, Wyndorf!

After the jump, watch the Hype Williams-trolling/exalting video for Magnet’s biggest hit “Space Lord” (probably a big influence on Scharpling’s music video work, come to think of it) which you haven’t seen since MTV played it 5 million times in 1998. Also, a “Negasonic Teenage Warhead”-centric Beavis and Butthead clip (original run, obvs) so scatalogical that Butthead is prompted to exclaim, “OK Beavis, that’s enough about poop.”

Monster Magnet – “Space Lord”

Monster Magnet – “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” (on Beavis and Butthead)