5 Great Books for the Bar (Suggested Pairings with Hotel Delmano’s New Bottle Service)

04/27/2012 1:16 PM |


The very notion of bottle service conjures nauseating images of too-shiny suits, too-tanned decolletage and too-loud music. This is not the case at Hotel Delmano, where they’ve just started offering mini bottle service, in the guise of DIY cocktail assemblages, that you can mix and tipple at your leisure (a little gin, a little tonic, a little gin, a little gin, a little gin…). On offer are small bottles of gin, vodka, Fernet, bourbon and rum, alongside the appropriate mixes. I honestly cannot think of a better way to kill an afternoon. Oh wait, yes I can: mixing your own cocktails at the bar accompanied by THE PERFECT BOOK. With that in mind, here are my suggested book pairings with Hotel Delmano’s mini bottle service.