Brooklyn Nets’ Logo Has Been Leaked, and It Looks Like…

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04/26/2012 3:33 PM |

New logo? Or a scheme by Nas?

  • New logo? Or a scheme by Nas?

Three-part step on how to get fired:

1. Do IT work at the Barclays Center, the soon-to-be home of the Brooklyn Nets

2. Take a picture of the Nets logo, which isn’t supposed to be seen publicly until next Monday

3. Upload to Twitter

According to Deadspin, “The photo [you see to the right] was posted on Twitter by some guy who’s doing IT work at the Barclays Center, and Tweeting photos as he goes…There’s no reason to think that logo mounted on an office wall isn’t the real thing.” Minus the blue tape, of course. Deadspin didn’t link or reveal the Twitter information of the guy who uploaded the pic (who’s going to be SO fired), but I hope the account was a phony opened by Nas, Jay-Z’s one-time enemy. He’s been waiting six years for this moment.

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