If You Haven’t Already, Read Beyoncé’s Handwritten Letter To Michelle Obama

04/13/2012 1:16 PM |


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Now that the Texts From Hillary meme is officially over, the era of handwritten letters from Beyoncé has begun. Yesterday, the mother of Blue Ivy posted a letter she had written to Michelle Obama on her tumblr (i.e. the source of L Mag managing editor Mike Conklin’s “deep, deep depression” upon “realizing how insanely boring [his] life is in comparison”), and gushed that she was proud to raise her daughter in a world with a role model like the first lady. The letter begins with Beezus praising Michelle Obama as “the ULTIMATE example of a strong African American woman” and gets much, much better from there. Read the note in its entirety below, and I dare you not to wear a gooey, “everything is going to be okay” smile on your face for the rest of the day. (Also, if this correspondence-from-female-public-figures-we-admire thing is going to continue, how do you guys feel about messenger pigeons from Fiona Apple? If anyone knows her publicist…)


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  • …She did NOT use the letter “u” in lieu of “you” in a letter to the first lady! Ughhhhh…….what is this, an extended text message? Don’t even get me started on her punctuation. THAT’s the depressing part!