Live: Ex-Cops Win Us Over at Pianos

04/13/2012 11:32 AM |


In a week overflowing with Nostalgia (Pulp, Kraftwerk, Chickfactor), it’s nice to be excited about something new. I was at Pianos last night to check out this Swedish teenage singer Amanda Mair, and happened to notice that a couple bands later on the bill were Ex Cops whose debut single “You Are a Lion, I am a Lamb” is also the debut single for the Other Music Recording Co. I had been talking to OM’s Chris Vanderloo the night before at the Chickfactor Anniversary fest and he told me I’d probably like them. Seemed like kismet to me, so I stuck around.

He was right, I did like them. A lot. Originally a project between former Hymns frontman Brian Harding and Amalie Bruun (who is also in MINKS), Ex Cops make shimmery guitar pop, big on melody and harmony that recalls both ’60s sunshine and early ’90s shoegaze. (This is basically my sweet spot if anyone wants to know.) The recordings available on their Bandcamp are on the low-fi home recording tip, giving songs like “Broken Chinese Chairs” and “The Millionaire” a New Zealand vibe. But live, the songs are big and bright and better. Some bands need to hide in the reverb, but Ex Cops really come alive without it.

“You Are a Lion, I am a Lamb” comes out on Other Music Recording Co. next week who will also release Ex Cops debut album in August. You can go see them live next Saturday (April 21) when they open for Memory House at Public Assembly.