Macy’s Plans its Fourth Annual Betrayal of Brooklyn for July 4

04/03/2012 1:31 PM |

Politicians on the East River, telling Macys to do the right thing

  • Politicians on the East River, telling Macy’s to do the right thing

For the fourth year in a row, Macy’s will hold its Fourth of July fireworks show on the Hudson River, denying views of its light blossoms to residents of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan’s East Side, the Post reports. For 33 years, the department store’s light show took place on the East River to the delight of many New Yorkers from across the boroughs. But in 2009, the store moved—temporarily, it said—the show to the west, to honor the 400th anniversary of Hudson’s journey up the river they’d later name for him. But ever since, the show hasn’t returned, treating New Jersey residents instead to the annual recreation of the rockets’ red glare.

“Macy’s Fireworks will continue to take place in and around all of New York City’s waterways, and will not be a permanent fixture in any one location,” a spokesman told the paper.
One Post commenter suggests it’s an aesthetic thing. “The East river is ugly,” he wrote. “The Hudson, with the Palisades, is much nicer.” But aren’t some things more important than what looks best for the television cameras? “What’s next?” Councilmember Peter Vallone, Jr. asked. “Moving the Thanksgiving Day parade to West New York, New Jersey?”
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