Zito’s Sandwich to Open Coney Outpost

04/23/2012 2:54 PM |


Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe in Park Slope opened late last year and quickly became a beloved neighborhood fixture for its old-school-yet-nuovo approach to the sandwich: like the chopped meat in your rice balls to come from a century-old butcher shop in East Harlem? And your bread to come from a renowned Bensonhurst bakery? But also want your roast beef braised in local beer, and your sandwich shoppes to be lighted by Edison bulbs? Have we got a meatball parm spot for you. Or, maybe make that two spots?

Zito’s plans to become a part of the “new Coney Island” it announced over the weekend on its Twitter feed, Amusing the Zillion reports. The company hasn’t yet signed a lease with Zamperla, which pretty much runs everything in and around the amusement area now, so specifics on the site are still to come.

But Amusing the Zillion has an idea: “our best guess is that Zito’s is eyeing one or more of the soon-to-be-rehabbed stands on the east side of Jones Walk, which Zamperla is leasing from the city.” Another food vendor already has an exclusive contract to sell food within the amusement park Luna Park.

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