After Another South Slope Sex Attack, Detective Assigned to the Case

05/29/2012 10:00 AM |


Following last Wednesday’s South Slope grope attack, where puzzlingly the cops declined to hold or question the man a neighbor had nabbed for them, on Thursday, a man attempted to push open a Sunset Park woman’s door and rape her.

Is this just the usual pattern of sexual assaults that any big city sees, or is the South Slope/Sunset Park area being target again? It’s not possible to say yet, though it looks like the NYPD is paying attention, at least. The police have released a video of the guy from Wednesday’s attack, and have assigned Detective Victor Paribello to the case. Per KARMA Brooklyn:

The 72nd Precinct’s Detective Victor Paribello has been assigned to investigate the sexual assault that took place on 16th Street this past Wednesday, May 23rd. Anyone who has information about the case—no matter how much or how little—is urged to call him at (718) 965-6336, the phone number for the Detective Squad.[KARMA Brooklyn]

Welp, keep your eyes peeled and guard up, I guess. At least we’re allowed to wear skirts this time, because it is hot as balls out there.