Animal Collective to Release New Album, As Indicated by This Sort of Silly, Early-90s MTV-ish Looking Video Clip

05/14/2012 10:21 AM |

There has been a bit of a shortage on honest to goodness event records this year, the ones everyone with an internet connection and even a passing interest in music feels the need to weigh in on. But come September, the drought will end in a major way: Animal Collective have announced plans to release Centipede Hz, their first full-length since 2009’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. It’s got its first (and I hope only) teaser video, which you can watch above—as your mind no doubt wanders toward memories of early MTV VMA commercials, you’ll notice some words on the screen. Those words, it seems, are the titles of songs on the album, essentially making this the most elaborate tracklist reveal ever. Buckle up, everyone. This is going to be fun, or something like it.