Bay Ridge Deluge Begins Tomorrow

05/17/2012 4:03 PM |


Covering ten blocks and featuring works by nearly twice as many artists, the third annual iteration of Bay Ridge Storefront Art Walk, opening tomorrow and on view for a full month, should rank as one of the city’s most pleasurably navigable art exhibitions this summer. Since almost all of the artists’ works will be individually showcased in display windows lining 5th Avenue from 74th down to 84th Streets—one might occasionally have to venture a quarter-block off the main drag, but that’s about it—and since many of the display windows belong to a wide range of small businesses, visitors can readily make a day of taking in art while taking in all kinds of other things as well.

Need to get your bike tuned or fixed, for instance? Bring it. Check out works by Dave Eppley while there. Furniture to reupholster? Lug it. Artist Suyeon Na will have work up. Care to pick up some wine or booze? Do it at Long’s while taking in Eunjeong Lee’s display. Or check out items at California Girl while checking out collages by (CaliforNYC girl) Rachel Day. Or perhaps get some fresh loaves or rolls in dozens-plus-one while gazing around at colors beaming from paintings by Julie Torres.

You can even get a tux if you want. Or do your laundry, secure pharmaceuticals, get your hair done. Hell, you can even get your feet fixed by Doc Mike while you’re out and about.

Or you can deal with your physical ills homeopathically by squeezing in a yoga session or a visit to a health store. A couple fine sorts of sweet shops are on the map, too, should you prefer the therapeutic potential of a sweet-toothed route.

With plenty of art to be viewed in all such locales.

Additionally, after or during or before all that, drop into The Owl’s Head, an osteria-style bar and eatery on 74th Street. There you’ll meet, if your timing is right, the owner, John Avelluto, the fellow who’s been spearheading Bay Ridge SAW for all these years.

Okay, it’s only three. But he’s a long-time local and an artist and small-business entrepreneur as well, so he’ll have a thing or two to say about how his ‘hood and his pursuits helped SAW come together.

Or ask him about fine wines or foods, bitters or beers. Get a glass and a plate and take your time.

Then head back out to 5th Avenue. Bay Ridge SAW is partially visitable post-business hours as well.

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