Big Art Fairs Swarm NYC This Weekend

05/01/2012 4:17 PM |

Keith Mayersons NADA Booth Proposal, at NADA. Photo courtesy the artist and Derek Eller Gallery.

  • Keith Mayerson’s NADA Booth Proposal, at NADA. Photo courtesy the artist and Derek Eller Gallery.

In case it almost slipped your mind, the Armory and its temporally related fairs were not the only ones slated to descend upon NYC in 2012. Indeed, some of the fairs set to welcome visitors this weekend were once tethered to that earlier timetable and earlier spring climes. Now, instead, they’re tied up with some new fairs—new to NYC, at least—and new fair-friendly surroundings.

So if you didn’t get your fill of art fairs during Armory weekend, or if you’re looking to navigate the city rather thoroughly to seek out new fairs and new grounds, you are most certainly in luck.

At the same time, in case it seems like a bit much or a bit too soon after the last round, you might bear in mind that certain spheres of art activities tend to get rather quiet come summertime. Take advantage while you can, if you can.

Big fairs. Big galleries. Big names. Big weekend.

Since big lists of the same might seem a bit overwhelming, what follows is the short and sweet with links. Most fairs below run from or between May 3rd and May 7th.

Frieze NYC: People are calling this whole ordeal Frieze Week NYC, or something along such lines, so this one is the bigtop tent—pitched out on the curious perch of Randall’s Island, no less. The journey alone seems pretty entertaining, judging by the video Frieze has provided on its website directing you there using various modes of transportation. In case your helicopter is out of commission, of course. (Roberta’s fans: Look closely at 0:58. Art fair-themed pizzas, one wonders?)

Pulse: Part of Amory events in previous years, Pulse Fair opted to link up with Frieze this time around. Located at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street.

NADA: A big fair whose price of admission is the same as its name, NADA will post up in Chelsea, at 548 West 22nd Street.

Verge: In Dumbo during Armory week last year, in Soho for Frieze week this year.

seven@SEVEN: Seven galleries, seven artists. First time in NYC. Price of admission, just like NADA. At wonderfully capacious Boiler, in Williamsburg. Who needs a whole island when you’ve got that space?

I’ll leave this short list right there. More compiled and a bit more detailed info can be found here and here. For party schedules and further particulars, see individual sites. I imagine Twitter will be a good place to hear about less publicized festivities, naturally.

Now everyone cross fingers for sunny weather.

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