Brooklyn High Schoolers Dream Of A Newtown Creek With Ziplines

05/25/2012 9:49 AM |

Eric Cartman, South Park fourth grader, on a zipline.

  • Eric Cartman, South Park fourth grader, on a zipline.

The idea of ziplining across the toxic sludge piles of today’s Newtown Creek may sound sound more like an episode of Fear Factor than a pleasant day at the park, but a group of Brooklyn high schoolers have included the activity in their nationally commended plan to build a recreational space on the banks of the Superfund site.

Not only did the students of the city’s Architecture Construction Engineering mentoring program dream of ziplines, but a massive ferris wheel, baseball fields, a boardwalk, and an amphitheater to boot, reports the Brooklyn Paper. The plan earned an honorable mention in the Construction Industry Roundtable’s national design competition, presumably for fresh, new hope in the face of sewage overflows, oil slicks and carcinogenic sediment. Plausible or not, we think it’s great to think in these optimistic terms. Go big or go home, right?

“We’ve never really had a hangout near the creek,” said Taylor Clark, a junior and member of the city’s Architecture Construction Engineering mentoring program, told the Brooklyn Paper. “Most of us go to school in the area and it’s so dense that there’s nowhere to go. We thought if we combined the eco-friendly agenda with a recreational space, it would make the most sense.”

A $19 million park (the estimated cost for just the park materials themselves) may not make the most sense in today’s current climate of frugality for such things, but it never hurts to hope for a future, better, post-environmental-cleanup Newtown Creek. The teens have named their project “Pippin Park” after George Washington’s favorite apple—which, remember, he would have managed to consume despite the significant adversity of false teeth.