Build a Jet Engine!

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05/10/2012 12:50 PM |

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As a part of Creative Week New York, you can build your very own jet engine in DUMBO. Or, not an actual jet engine, but almost.

Using holographic technology (yes, the same technology that made this possible), GE created Throttle Up, a five-day long opportunity to build a 3D version of the GenX, GE’s new, energy-efficient jet engine. It’s a truly innovative piece of machinery—the Genx’s NOx emissions (that’s mono-nitrogen oxides for all you regular people) are as much as 55 percent below regulatory limits. The secret to Throttle Up’s display is Musion Eyeliner, a high-def holographic video projection system that allows for 3D movements in real time.

Sounds cool, yes? Throttle up is going on now through Friday, May 11 at 56 Water Street in DUMBO, from 11am to 9pm, right in the middle of DUMBO’s Creative Week events. Use the hashtag #throttleup to follow the hologram activity on Twitter and for more details, click here (you’ll want to check out the “blown away” videos—wind-induced funny faces are always funnier than those that occur naturally).