East New York Occupiers Arrested at Foreclosed Home

05/01/2012 9:48 AM |

The house back in December. Photo by Cody Swanson.

  • The house back in December. Photo by Cody Swanson.

Almost five months after 500 protesters gathered in East New York to help a homeless family occupy a foreclosed home, police arrested the last few remaining in the house. The homeless family is long gone. Six people, aged 18 to 25, were charged with burglary; one of them was also charged with resisting arrest, the Post reports. Police allege that the six broke a window on the Vermont Street home earlier this month in order to gain access to the house, the paper reports; it’s unclear how that translates into burglary.

Post reporter Candice M. Giove has been following the story since February, when she penned a lengthy op-ed in which she used the house, which she describes as having been trashed and dismantled, as a metaphor for the Occupy movement. She also tracked down the home’s owner, a single father of two now not only fighting with the bank for his house but also with the protesters squatting in it.

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