Film Shoots Banned from DUMBO

05/10/2012 12:31 PM |


DUMBO residents have long complained about an inordinate number of film shoots on their streets, clogging sidewalks and usurping precious parking spaces. Their complaints fell on hearing ears: the city has banned severely limited film shoots in the neighborhood and bordering Brooklyn Heights since last month, the Brooklyn Heights Blog reports. A section of Gold Street the neighborhood remains available to production crews, but the rest of the area could remain off limits for another two months. “Everyone loves to see their neighborhood in film,” the head of the DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance told the Brooklyn Paper. “But while it’s happening, not so much.”

Bloomberg said the local film industry employs 130,000 people and has spent $60 billion in the city over the last decade, the paper reports. Some say the shoots are good for neighborhood businesses, but one bagel shop owner said the wealth doesn’t trickle down. “They’re not buying from us,” a clerk at La Bagel Delight said. “They have their own catering.”

Despite the news, DUMBO NYC reports Louie is filming on Front and Adams streets today. So… uh…

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