Five Constructive Ways to Channel Anger Over North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Vote Last Night

05/09/2012 1:30 PM |

4. Fucking vote. Vote all the time. I am seriously so sick I could puke of hearing people talk about not voting in this election to “punish” Obama, or how Democrats are so centrist they’re the same as Republicans, or anything like that. It is NOT TRUE and that is HOW THINGS LIKE THIS GET PASSED. Local elections matter, your judges matter, and you better believe November matters.

Listen, I’m all for revolution. Fuck the system, seriously. But until someone actually starts to tear the whole thing down and start over again, our choice is to vote in every election or get even more fucked! Voter turnout matters. Yesterday’s NC vote had only a 34% turnout—typically, low turnout is good for conservatives, which is why they are working their asses off to disenfranchise as many people as possible before the next election. Older folks and people mobilized by hate groups go to the polls. We have to match their numbers.

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  • I agree… Everyone just needs to tell NC we are fighting you on this issue. Im so glad I don’t live there I would be protesting the state offices and causing all kinds of issues on them. I say move away and let NC be a complete ghost state

  • God bless North Carolina and protect them from satanic sodomite horde .