Five Constructive Ways to Channel Anger Over North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Vote Last Night

05/09/2012 1:30 PM |

5. Get ready for a fight. November is going to be ugly, you guys. Yes, “the arc of the universe is long and it bends toward justice.” Yes, laws like this will eventually be struck down. But the fight is going to get very, very nasty before it does. And it’s a struggle we’re not going to have once or twice, but for a long time, over and over again. Look at reproductive rights. Look at racism. Things get a little better, get a little worse, get a little better, get a lot worse. It’s easy to be over this election already, but there is work left to do.

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  • I agree… Everyone just needs to tell NC we are fighting you on this issue. Im so glad I don’t live there I would be protesting the state offices and causing all kinds of issues on them. I say move away and let NC be a complete ghost state

  • God bless North Carolina and protect them from satanic sodomite horde .