GoogaMooga Offers Full Refunds

05/23/2012 1:43 PM |


A lot of people were frustrated with the organization of the Great GoogaMooga, the food and music festival that took over Prospect Park last weekend; I stopped by on Saturday afternoon and, vexed by the interminable lines just for ID bracelets, went back to drinkin’ beers in Ditmas Park. Still, the tickets were free, so how mad could I be? (Except about the trampling being done to my beloved Nethermead.) But there were plenty of people with plenty of right to be plenty pissed: those who had shelled out $250 for ExtraMooga tickets, which permitted access to a VIP area that, now infamously, ran out of food and beer by early evening (and never had any vegetarian food!).

Superfly, the concert promoter behind GoogaMooga, Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, is now offering full refunds to ExtraMooga ticket buyers, Gothamist reports—even the $17.71 of processing fees. Nearly 4,000 people purchased ExtraMooga tickets, which means the group could refund as much as $1 million. (Refund requests must be made to within 30 days.)

Superfly is likely doing the right thing here because it plans to GoogaMooga the shit out of Prospect Park again next year, Gothamist reports.

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  • I wish they wouldn’t googamooga the shit out of the park again. Half of it couldn’t be used by the people who live here.

  • Why would anyone pay $250 in the first place? You can eat at Per Se (or anywhere else) for that price.