Grimes Addresses the Problem with Grimes in “Nightmusic” Video

05/10/2012 9:52 AM |

In his review of Visions, the most recent (and really debut) full-length from Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, Jeff Klingman succinctly expressed what it is about this record and Grimes’ whole thing that leaves me feeling so cold: “Her layers sometimes feel like hedged bets, their swell of sound concealing passivity.” It’s one of the more common problems we come across these days. With everyone dabbling in and paying tribute to basically every genre of music they’ve ever read about on the internet, there’s a tendency for it to seem non-committal and much worse for it. I mention all of this now because in the new video for her song “Nightmusic,” Boucher actually solves the problem her album faced—her commitment to a particular style and tone is deep and immediate. Cold, gray and steadfastly creepy but still dealing with something that least resembles love between actual humans, this is Boucher’s most clearly expressed vision yet.

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