Listen: Lace Curtains Sound Like Indie-Rock Spring Turning into Indie-Rock Summer

05/14/2012 3:11 PM |

Here’s a new song from Michael Coomer, released over the weekend by Gorilla vs. Bear, under the solo name Lace Curtains. Coomer main gig for the past few years has been in the Matador- released, Austin-basedg garage rock outfit Harlem, a band whose chugging garage rock (with titles like “I’m on Drugs” and “Psychedelic Tits”) has been a toe past the knuckle-head line. But “High Fantasy,” from his upcoming album the garden of joy and the well of loneliness is awfully good. From the folky open, with its neatly VU-tweaking opening line (“Candy says, ‘Stop writing songs about me…'”) to its subsequent sugar rush forward, it seems like a move towards much more clever songwriting. And the drum work provided by Bloc Party’s Matt Tong gives it a weight that has often eluded the modern brand of easy-breezy summer day indie-pop. (No matter what regret you might have now about listening to “Banquet” 8 million times in 2004, that band always had a forceful rhythm section.)

So, in short, good stuff. Let it breeze over your heart as you find the strength to leave the shorts in the drawer for at least another month.