LTV: Occupy Bushwick Marches Through North Brooklyn For May Day

05/02/2012 3:52 PM |

In Bushwick, May Day started out with burning sage and garbage bags brimming with free bagels and umbrellas. A group of roughly 20-30 protesters met up in Maria Hernandez Park before marching (unpermitted) on Flushing Avenue to meet up with Williamsburg’s occupy faction, but not before tucking into breakfast and generously donated coffee from a nearby deli. After the group left the park, numbers swelled, and by the time they reached Continental Army Plaza to march across the Williamsburg Bridge, one organizer put the number of people present at 200. I spent the morning following the Bushwick occupiers past cheering store owners, honking trucks and many a thumbs up—in fact, it was one of the most positive reactions to Occupy I’ve ever seen. I also caught up with Brian Douglas, his wife Deb, and their two-year-old son Dominic, whose story went viral last October when Brian proposed to Deb using the people’s mic.