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If staying attuned to the mores and modes and ever-variant idiomatic codes of street art is your thing, and if owning fresh exemplars of the same might fall within your sphere of interests as well, then Robin Grearson’s Street Art Pop-Up Store should sound enticing.

Grearson, who recently curated a show of works by Criminy Johnson, a.k.a QRST, at the Active Space, has decided to transform her studio into an art shop of sorts during Bushwick Open Studios, promising therein a wide range of drawings, paintings, prints, posters and the like by about 20 different street artists, all priced to sell—items will be tagged in dollar amounts ranging from 0 to no more than 300.

So if you’ve been looking for something affordable by Christ Stain, Nathan Pickett, Quel Beast, Daniel Feral, Elle, Enzo & Nio, General Howe and many others, take note of the dates and times and related details from Grearson’s press release below.

(Or if you’re looking for some bespoke facial hair, pay particular attention to the line about Moustache Man.)

Dates & times: Open to the public during Bushwick Open Studios, June 1-3, 2012
Friday, June 1: 2-7 PM
Saturday, June 2: 12-6 PM
Sunday, June 3: 12-7 PM

Location: 174 Bogart Street, #210; L train, Montrose or Morgan

Selected exclusives:

The return/debut of Moustache Man: Get your very own moustache… The Street Art Pop-Up Store is the first venue anywhere to carry (legal) work by the one and only “Moustache Man,” Patrick Waldo.

The debut of Enzo & Nio: The Street Art Pop-Up Store is the first venue to offer prints for sale by Brooklyn’s mash-up darlings, Enzo & Nio.

New Quel Beast series & ‘zine: Quel Beast returns to Bushwick Open Studios with several new paintings from his Selfish Portraits series. Priced at $300 during BOS only. Also look for the premiere of his first-ever ‘zine.

Last pieces of QRST’s wall: There are only four pieces left of QRST’s mural, Eidolon, and we have them.

For more info:
Robin Grearson: artstore@robingrearson.com, www.robingrearson.com/artstore
Arts in Bushwick: artsinbushwick.org


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